Saturday, October 13, 2007



Welcome to Brooklyn Original, the blog with the sole focus on shining a bright light on those who were born in Brooklyn, NY and are doing great things either creatively, in business, or other. We will have updates, news, interviews, events, reviews, and more as we hopefully grow into something we can all be proud of.

Why have a blog like this? Simply because there is a need for it. For too long the focus of the creative and successful in Brooklyn has mostly fallen on those that originally have come from elsewhere in the US or abroad. While that is fine since NYC has long been the destination spot of anyone who has wanted to "make it", we just don't want people to forget about those of us who have been trying to make it since day 1.

More so, we want to create more unity and community strength with this blog as a starting point. We hope you like what you read about, and if you are an Original with a good story or things that are happening feel free to email us at

Sal Cipriano
Marilyn Patrizio


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robby1051 said...

I am ready to here the stories of the people from the Kings own County!
And I am willing to share my own.
Bring out the Lov of BKLYN!