Thursday, October 18, 2007


Let me preface this entry by stating that this blog is going to be constantly evolving and doing a commentary like this is the first time we break the pure promotional content which is exciting.

Onto the commentary:

Today a Brooklyn Original who has had quite a popular public career and is a true star of NY sports left his legacy behind. Joe Torre, after 12 successful storybook years, is no longer the manager of the NY Yankees. His contract was up, he was offered a new one, but he did not accept it.

Let me clarify that though. Torre was under heat from the Yankee "BOSS" George Steinbrenner. The Boss had threatened to fire him if he did not pass the American League Divisional Series against the Cleveland Indians. The Yankees did not, and so began a week plus wait for Torre while the Yankee brass decided what to do about him.

Ultimately what was decided was to give Torre a 1 year contract for 5 million dollars, a 2 million pay cut from his last 7mil per year contract. However if Torre took the Yanks into the Division Series then he would get an additional mil, and subsequently an additional mil for the American League Championship Series, and then a mil for the World Series. If he indeed gets the team to the WS then a team option for a 2nd year would kick in automatically for 8mil. Torre flew down to the Yankee corporate offices in Tampa and turned down the offer.

With those facts now stated, let me say that I am truly proud of Joe Torre as a fellow Brooklyn Original and just as a human being! Torre did not need to prove that he could get to the playoffs since he made it in each of his 12 seasons with the team, and he definitely did not need the incentive of cash to make it through the playoffs! He just wanted to be respected as a person and he did not receive that respect. Expecting him to take a pay cut of any kind after all he has done for the franchise is a ridiculous slap in the face.

So I salute Joe Torre, one of the greatest managers of all time, a great human being, and a great Brooklyn Original, for keeping his pride intact and making the right decision. We can all learn a thing or 2 about resolve and pride from him.

Thanks for 12 great years, Joe!

-Sal Cipriano


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