Monday, October 15, 2007


Last night's show at The Wicked Monk seemed to be a smashing success. Fans came out despite having work this morning and had a great time! For those that didn't know B.O. bands Black Pig and Next Tribe along with solo artist Tommy Lombardozzi recorded a live show last night at a staple of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, The Wicked Monk.

Tommy Lombardozzi started the night off with style, crooning and rocking some solid notes and giving the ladies something to think about when they went to bed last night. The man gets points for fashion!

Black Pig followed with a fun and exciting show filled with yelling, violence, and good ol' fashioned rock and roll! These guys really know how to get the crowd into the show and they had everyone singing along with some of their well known tracks. There was some great back and forth banter between band members Joe Milazzo and Wayne Daren Schneiderman and Tommy Lombardozzi which could be a fun part of the live recording.

While the crowd unfortunately dwindled abit because of the time and pesty morning work, the fans who stayed were really treated with something special. Next Tribe, one of the more well known and respected bands in Brooklyn came on to perform their usual array of fantastic, blow your mind, sounds, but before long BP's Milazzo came on stage for some percussion and soon was joined by Schneiderman. By the end BP's BarryG and Tommy Lombardozzi had joined in as well. The result was quite a meaty and pleasant sound. Quite the tasty treat to end the evening!

As a side note to the evening I am quite happy to report that Brooklyn Original was all the buzz. Many people had come up to me expressing their interest in the project, and showing/offering their support/help. It was quite heartening to hear this so quickly after our launch. It just fuels this idea even further and we look forward to seeing where it'll take us.

Sal Cipriano

photography by Sal Cipriano


Anthony said...

Cool Sal, thanks for the buzz!

kennypierce said...

Hails Sal, with me talking to literally everyone around me I am surprised that I did not meet you or see you taking photos which look almost exactly from the same spot I was hanging around in. Go figure, but either way it was a good time.