Friday, October 19, 2007


For our first Spotlight we'd like to focus on Joe Attanasio's Panther Productions. For over the last year Joe has been making short films and posting them to You Tube. The films range from horror to trippy meditation and in between hard looks at the mind and life. They are very well done works that get under your skin right from the get go, transcending the horror genre and becoming something much more deep.

Joe grew up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, and has been interested in art all his life. From simply doodling cartoons to the graphic design day job he's worked at for the past 6 years the passion has always been there. He's also a musician, as evidenced by the really creepy, well timed music in his films. Film making though segued from his love of horror films, media, and culture, and the need, as most of us artists get, to try his hand at making his own. Being the creative person he is he quickly began channeling his talents through this horror funnel with outstanding results.

Thus was born Panther Productions, a You Tube channel with a growing number of subscribers! As well it should be, because what Joe is doing is evolving into a voice and talent that is worth noting and watching.

Here now is one of his videos. The rest can be seen here: JOE ATTANASIO'S PANTHER PRODUCTIONS.

Be prepared to be creeped out! Enjoy!