Sunday, January 6, 2008


From Tommy:

The first is something I've been wanting to do for a while. It's a TOTALLY UNPLUGGED, acoustic show. No mics, no PA, no amps... just my wood and my voice (the wood being my guitar, you perverts!) I finally found a place that does shows like this (via my friend Bryan Dunn). The show series is called "Naked in the Mud", and it's taking place at 8pm on MONDAY, JANUARY 14th at Mudspot- aka the Mud Cafe. 307 East 9th (off 2nd Ave.), NY, New York 10003. The show is free, but there's a $5 food or drink minimum... which shouldn't be a problem if ya pop in after work. Yes, this is perfect for an after-work night of fun! They have a huge beer & wine menu, as well as an extensive fancy-ass coffee list. Come see/hear what I sound like when I'm playing alone in my house (except then, I usually AM naked!)

The second show will double as my 31st birthday party! I'm calling it TL's Rock 'N' Roll 31st Birthday Bonanza!... and I'm real excited about it. I have secured a night at BAR 4, in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and asked some really great people to play: Kierstin Gray, Bryan Dunn, and Black Pig. I'll slo be doing a set. The music starts at 8pm sharp!!! This is taking place on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2nd, and is also free. After the bands play, we drink the night away! This place is a small, cozy lounge-type deal. So designate a driver... or take cabs so they can booze it up, too... and be there! (I may put a small band together for this show, too.) This one I REALLY wanna see everyone at! BE THERE, BUCKO!


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