Wednesday, February 27, 2008

POST 100!


Just wanted to make an exclusive Post #100 here at Brooklyn Original, and once again thank all of you who have supported our little project here so far. We hope you've enjoyed reading about some of your fellow Brooklyn Originals in our first 100 posts, and we hope you enjoy the next 100 as well, and so on. We're definitely gonna offer some interesting new content to go along with the interviews, news, and info you've been coming back for. We're working on adding at least 3 new columns, one of which I can tell you about right now...

Brooklyn Original will be shortly bringing you a new column by musician/artist/BO pal Tommy Lombardozzi! This will be a continuous chronicle of a Brooklyn solo artist and his journeys. If you know Tommy, you know you're in for quite a fun read, and if you don't you're in for a treat! So a big welcome to Tommy to the project; look for his first column soon!

Thanks again folks!



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